Chicago Midway Airport Services and Lost And Found

A wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops are dotted throughout the airport in the "Midway Triangle" (the center of the airport that connects the concourses) and in the concourses themselves.


Passengers can enjoy with several services such as:


- WiFi Access

- ATMs

- Baby care facilities

- Baggage carts

- Food, drink and retail concessions

- Information desk

- Duty free stores

- Power Stations and Mobile Applications

- Seaway National Bank provides foreign currency exchange

- Airport chapels

- Yoga room

- Business centers

- Airport exhibitions

- Passenger assistance program and a “Purple Airplane Program” to assist passengers with special needs or disabilities



Lost & Found

For items lost:


- Near ticket counters, in gate areas, or on an airplane, please, contact with your airline.

- In public areas of the terminal: contact the Midway Communication Center at (773) 838-0656.

- At security checkpoints: please leave a recorded message describing the item at (773) 498-1308.

- In the parking facilities, please, call (773) 838-0753. ​​

- Customs area: (773) 948-6330.​​