Parking at Chicago Midway Airport

In Midway Airport there are several parking options ranging from hourly and daily parking to long-term/economy parking. Signs on the area roadways guide passengers to the different parking lots. The parking garage is connected to the Midway Terminal Building for convenient access to ticket counters and baggage claim areas.


Payments are made to the cashier upon exiting. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and Carte Blanche are all accepted forms of payment.

Phone Midway’s Parking: (773) 838-0756.



Main Garage - Hourly/Level 1

Located adjacent to the main terminal building, includes both hourly and daily parking. ​


- Hourly parking: located on Level 1 of the garage is the best option for short stays at the airport when close access to the terminal is needed.

- Daily parking: Located on Levels 2 - 6.


Rates Hourly Parking

From 0-30 min. - $2

Over 30-60 min - $5

1 to 2 hours - $7

2 to 3 hours - $9

3 to 4 hours - $11

4 to 5 hours - $17

5 to 6 hours - $23

6 to 7 hours - $29

7 to 8 hours - $35

*Prices are subject to change.


Rates Daily Parking

From 0-30 min. - $2

Over 30-60 min. - $5

1 to 2 hours - $7

2 to 3 hours - $9

3 to 4 hours - $11

4 to 8 hours - $14

8 to 24 hours - $40

*Prices are subject to change.



Daily Lot

The good option for passengers that need to park their vehicle for short stays. It is not recommended for overnight parking, in this case, you may park at the Economy Parking.

The Daily Lot is located on 55th Street between Cicero and Kilpatrick Avenues. Entrance/exit are in Kilpatrick Avenue. It includes a dedicated shuttle bus service to terminals. Credit Card is the only payment method accepted.


Rates Daily Lot

From 0-30 min. - $2

Over 30-60 min. - $5

From 1-24 hours - $30

*Prices are subject to change.



Economy Parking

There are two different parking locations: One near the Car Rental Facility and the other one just next to the Daily Parking Lot. The Economy Garage is located west of S. Cicero Avenue and north of 55th Street.

Free shuttle buses run every 10-15 minutes to/from each economy parking location and the main Midway Terminal Building.


Rates Economy Parking

From 0-30 minutes - $2

From 30 minutes-1 hour - $5

Over 1-24 hours - $15



Reserved Parking

Reserved parking is one of the most comfortable options to park in Midway Airport. It is located on Level 4 of the Main Terminal Garage. The parking reservation fee is $10 per space/day.


Booking in advance ensure passengers to have a covered space to park and save time to look for a parking space. The reserved parking areas are really close to the access to the terminals.


To book a parking space passengers can do it through website or mobile device.


For more information about the Reserved Parking, please, call (773) 838-0756 or contact


Please, note that trailers, semi trucks, mobile homes and large box trucks are prohibited from parking in any of the Midway parking areas. Any vehicle that occupies more than one parking space is included in this regulation.