Chicago Midway Airport Terminal

Midway Airport has a main passenger terminal with three Concourses: A, B and C.

The airport hosts both domestic and international flights.


The parking facility is adjacent to the terminal building, next to the Ticketing Level and Baggage Level.



Present & future

There is a 3-year plan to upgrade and modernize Midway Airport Terminal facilities.



Transfer between concourses

The Midway Boulevard is the area where all 3 concourses meet.



Midway Airport Terminal consists of the following levels:


- Arrivals: They are located in the lower level. Services: ATMs, currency exchange, charging station, baggage claim. Find here also the ground transportation options (bus, taxi and car rentals). Passengers can reach the CTA Orange Line at Midway Airport.

- Check-in: This is the upper level. Find in this level the ticketing counters, which leads to the so-called Midway Boulevard, where food, drink and retail concessions can be found, and also an information desk in its core.

Other services: Travelers aid, chapel, mail box and bank branch.




Midway Airport main terminal has the concourses described below:


Concourse A

It has gates numbered: A1-A3, A4A, A4B, A5, A7, A9-A12, A14-A19.

It has various ATMs, Currency Exchange service, Defibrillator, Telephone, Family Restroom, Moving Walkway, Baggage Carts, Escalators, Elevators, Restrooms.


Airlines that operate at Concourse A:

- Delta

- Porter Airlines

- Southwest Airlines

- Volaris Airlines

- Avianca


Concourse B

It has gates from B1 to B3, B5, B7-B12, B14-B26. It has a Currency Exchange service next to gate B1, Restrooms, Telephones, Baggage Carts, Moving Walkway, Defibrillator.


Airlines that operate at Concourse B:

- Only operates with Southwest Airlines.


Concourse C

It is the smallest concourse at the airport with only 3 gates: C1, C2 and C3.

It has a Mother’s Room, ATM, Yoga Room, USO, Baggage Carts, Restrooms, Elevators, Defibrillator, Chapel.


Airlines that operate at Concourse C:

- Branson AirExpress

- North Country Sky




See the airlines in Midway Airport Terminal.




Through the three concourses there are located various services: Food and beverages or shops among others.


See some of them:


- ATMs

- Wi-Fi

- Baby care facilities

- Baggage carts

- Chapel

- Currency exchange

- Duty free stores

- Food, drink and retail concessions

- Information desk

- Chargers

- Yoga Room


See more Services here.



Airport Lounges

See the available lounges at Midway Airport:


USO Lounge: Location: Concourse C, Airside. Exclusively for military use and free of charge for members of US military and their families. Services: Wi-Fi, TV, food, drink and press. Opening hours: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm.